This blog is now running in srht.site!

Finished truncated sentence.

This blog is now hosted in srht.site. This is the static site hosting provided by sourcehut, a very opinionated software forge with many integrated services.

This was initially hosted in DigitalOcean’s smallest droplet (machine, VPS), but keeping the system up to date and reviewing the eternal barrage of vulnerability attacks and intrusion attempts caused by having a site in the internet had become tiring long ago. As sourcehut unveiled this service in February 20211 I decided to try it and jump ship if it fulfilled my purposes.

The git repository for this blog has been hosted in sourcehut since the beginning, the same way as my public inbox (where you can send post comments in the form of email). This hosting service for static sites is another integrated service they offer, which I’m now taking advantage of.

The Quickstart for the service is pretty self-explanatory: you just have to upload a tarball containing the site. A tad more interesting is the integration with builds.sr.ht so that every commit to the git repository gets automatically built and published. This last step is what I have just set up.

Now I’m mostly waiting for the DNS change to propagate so I can see if the site keeps working properly, and that will be it. Hopefully making this much easier will also entice me to write more often, and just in time for another round of New Year propositions I won’t meet!


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