Git configuration and signing commits with SSH keys

git ssh

I was reading the other day a nice blogpost by Matthew Garret (mjg59) about being able to use SSH keys to sign Git commits. While trying to make that set up in my machine I realized there are some tricks I use to configure the Git repository identities I had not spoken about before, so I’m going to merge both topics.

If you are only interested in the SSH signing, you can check mjg59’s post above and Caleb Hearth’s. If you want my usual ramblings, keep reading.


Emacs helper for Pull Request descriptions

emacs git elisp

Using Emacs, you eventually need to learn Emacs Lisp (elisp) as everything is written in that language. Configuration is also in elisp, but usually requirements are minor enough not to need much learning. I’ve tried to learn it several times with low success, but recently I got to write a helper for myself that I think is worth sharing. This is just beginner stuff, and hopefully will help me remember how the bloody thing works :)

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